Our Mission

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To improve the response to cardiac emergencies. We've all known someone who has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest, or other heart problems. We want to save more lives by reducing response time.

Our board members include Medical Doctors, Engineering and Business leaders.

Every year more than 356,000 people in the U.S. experience a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) outside of a hospital. Only 1 In 10 People Survive.
When bystanders administer CPR and an AED within 3 minutes, survival rates increase from 6% to over 74%.

Through our nationwide campaign "Your Hands Save Lives” we focus on increasing awareness of the risks, and the frequency of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We emphasize the importance of CPR certification for everyone.

We sponsor free community group CPR and AED certification events to engage as many members of the community as possible. Our goal is to create a culture of Good Samaritan First Responders in neighborhoods across America.

Our vision is to see an AED in every neighborhood for nearby responders to use, improving response times.

Almost 80% of deaths from sudden cardiac arrest happen in our homes. These are our friends, neighbors and loved ones.

Heart Safe Neighborhood™ is a rapid response program focused on responding to Sudden Cardiac Arrest within neighborhoods.

We Promote:

Public Awareness
CPR training and Certification
Placing AED’s within neighborhoods
Neighborhood alert systems

This is for you. For your family. For your neighbors. Faster Response Times for Cardiac Emergencies.

Having a defibrillator nearby could save the life of someone you know. Empower your community today.

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