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Donna's Story

When someone is struck by Sudden Cardiac Arrest and loses their life, the impact has a ripple effect that severely affects those left behind.

The importance of family, friends and loved ones within our lives, and the impact of their premature loss cannot be measured only by their passing, but also in the lost potential of what will never be.


Donna was moved by her own relationships and experiences to implement lifesaving solutions to prevent premature death from sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital.


This is her story and her "WHY".


Donna left the UK in 1991 when she met, and later married her husband, Rick Detwiler. They lived in various parts of Europe before moving to the United States.

Despite the miles between Donna and her Parents, they have been blessed to spend large amounts of time together and speaking most days on the phone video chat.


In the early morning of October of 2016 Donna received a call at her home in Huntington Beach, California. Donna’s Mum had been rushed by ambulance to The City Heart Hospital in Nottingham England, having suffered a heart attack at home.

Fortunately, her Mums’ story has a happy ending; she received lifesaving intervention.


At the time of her heart attack, Donna’s Mum was a vibrant, active 74 year old, living life to the fullest, and despite some fluctuations in her blood pressure, she was considered in great health. She wasn’t on any medication, for anything.

Young in looks and outlook, Donna considers her mum her best friend. They are very close. Fun loving, hard working and fiercely protective of her Daughter, with a generous and kind heart, she is always willing to do for others.


Her close bond and love for her Mum is matched with the love and close bond she shares with her Dad, who taught her the meaning of being devoted to family. He demonstrated and inspired values of hard work, determination, discipline and respect for dreams and goals.

When Donna and Rick started their own family in 1994, sharing in that joy with her parents is something that she cherishes. Equally their three boys have been supported, guided, loved and cherished by their grandparents.


Donna has been involved in preventative health initiatives for many years, both professionally and with her and her family’s health. Her Mum’s heart attack was the catalyst to know and do more, and to expand her impact.

These events led to a series of discoveries and connections, which would lead her to the topic of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

It was through these events that Donna became aware of just how important “time” is. Not just in spending time with those we love, but how reducing the time for intervention could save hundreds of thousands of people from dying prematurely.

“This is my WHY” says Donna. “It is not just about life or death, but the time that you share, the connection, support, the love and memories. When a loved one or friend is taken prematurely and abruptly, the impact lasts forever.”

This is for you. For your family. For your neighbors. Faster Response Times for Cardiac Emergencies.

Having a defibrillator nearby could save the life of someone you know. Empower your community today.

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